AVID Products 70 Series Headset Provides Enhanced Audio for an Immersive Gaming Experience

AVID Products 70 Series Headset Provides Enhanced Audio for an Immersive Gaming Experience

Emerging into a competitive market, Encore Data Products offers the award-winning AVID 70 series headsets for esports and gaming. A perfect entry level audio solution for all gamers without sacrificing quality. Giving all gamers everything they need for competitive or recreational play, while bridging the digital divide. Understanding the importance of high-quality audio and comfort in immersive gaming experiences, Encore is leveraging AVID's audio excellence and significant experience in the audio products arena. For more details on the range of products offered by Encore Data Products, visit their website.

Jeff Burgess, the CEO of Encore Data Products, chimed in on the novel direction the company has taken. "Today marks a notable day for Encore Data Products as we announce leveraging AVID's 70 Series which is positioned nicely as an entry level gaming solution," he said. "This initiative closely aligns with our steadfast commitment to versatility and a deep understanding of the varied passions and interests of our clients. The AVID 70 series has often been praised for its unique blend of attributes and universal appeal to transcend markets, and we see its immense potential in the rapidly expanding gaming market."

Since they were first introduced, the AVID 70 series has been acclaimed for its exceptional sound quality and rugged durability, desirable qualities not only for audiophiles but also gamers. These inherent attributes, including the noise-canceling microphone for clear communication, serve an essential purpose in the gaming industry, which is known for its need for high-quality and durable equipment.

The rise of home-based entertainment, notably the gaming sector, has led to a significant shift in the role of headphones. Initially, they were considered auxiliary devices often used for simple tasks like listening to music or making calls. Now, they're no longer just an accessory, but an integral component of gaming experiences, immersing players in the virtual world, and also for streaming content.

Commenting further on the company's attention to change, Burgess added, "Encore Data Products understands the importance of keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Our product decisions are customer-centric; we listen keenly to our customers and strive to meet their needs through our products. Leveraging AVID Products and their 70 series allows Encore to align with the specifications and preferences of today's modern gamers, at a price point that makes quality gaming audio accessible to everyone.

Through this strategic product transformation, Encore Data Products intends to reinforce its market position and cater to a broader audience, particularly the gaming community, with a superior product that provides unmatched value. Regardless of what type of games users play or what platforms they choose, the AVID-70 series promises to enhance their gaming experience with unparalleled sound clarity and precision. Discover more about Encore Data Products commitment to quality and innovation.

"In another light, apart from gaming, the AVID-70 series headsets continue to serve multi functionality in diverse scenarios such as call centers and educational settings," stated the CEO. "Designed with a comfortable fit for long play sessions or extended calls and surprising durability to withstand rigorous daily use, our AVID-70 series headsets caters to everyone."

Giving focus to the needs of the gaming space and offering a quality solution from one of the top trusted audio companies in the country is a calculated and exciting move for Encore Data Products. This change underscores their determination to retain client trust while simultaneously revising their market strategy in the face of changing market dynamics.

In wrapping up his remarks, Burgess added, "AVID audio solutions have consistently received positive feedback from users. This effort opens doors for us to cater to an entirely new demographic of customers and extend the love for AVID to them. Rest assured, Encore Data Products will persist in our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and adaptability across all product categories."

This leap into the gaming market signals Encore Data Products' reaffirmed commitment to constant innovation, delivering quality, versatility, and exceeding customer expectations, regardless of their demographic. The AVID-70 series serves as a testament to the company's dedication to adapt and thrive in a dynamic and diverse global market.

Mar 18, 2024

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