The Califone 1534BK Smaller Sized 3068 Stereo Headphones for Young Listeners

Building a tech-friendly classroom is a top goal for many schools, especially with the new government standards to encourage education technology. But with educators providing technology to classes as early as pre-kindergarten, finding the right tools and supplies can be difficult. Many technology departments have difficulty finding headphones, tablets, tablet cases, and headsets that can suit the needs of their smaller and younger students. These items tend to be too heavy for young children to use or grasp, such as tablets with thin cases. Or, items are ill suited for young students based on their size, like large over-ear headphones that slip off even when they are set at the smallest adjustments. However, there are a few options for tech departments when it comes to young students. From grip cases made for smaller hands to headphones for smaller heads, you can find great tech tools for children as young as 4.

Califone 1534bkWhen it comes to headphones for students, Califone provides some of the best models on the market. Califone has spent years creating headphone lines suitable for classroom environments and students of all ages. Their new Califone 1534 BK smaller-sized 3068 stereo headphones for young listeners is their response to growing technology use at a young age. By adjusting the size of their most popular model, these new headphones give young students an opportunity to learn with comfort and safety.

Unlike the standard Califone 3068AV model recommended for classroom use, the Califone 1534 BK is notably smaller. Their small size helps maintain a comfortable position on a child’s head and keeps the headphones from falling or slipping. And with the adjustable and padded headband, students can always find the right fit. In addition, the headphones are lightweight, making them easy to hold and carry.

To meet the needs of a busy and energetic classroom, the Califone 1534 BK features a stereo/mono user switch on each headphone. Monaural functions in the class include audio lessons, audiobook listening, and other spoken word applications. Stereo mode is often used for music appreciation, games, and video. Since classroom curriculums might integrate both types of audio functions within the same day, having the same pair of headphones for both activities can save a classroom time and money.

The headphones also feature an individual volume control remote on a 6-foot long cord. Paired with the around-ear noise-reducing ear cups, students will not hear any ambient noise outside of their headphones. The noise-reducing ear cups will help protect a student’s hearing from dangerous volume levels and reduce any classroom distraction. Students will, therefore, stay on task during an audio lesson or test.

The Califone 1534 BK is a great headphone set for teachers because they can withstand the busy nature of the classroom. The headphones are made of rugged ABS plastic, which makes them strong and durable for classroom storage and movement. This ensures that the headphones will remain in great condition over time. In addition, the ABS plastic and the leatherette earpads are easy to clean and sanitize. This will help reduce the spread of germs and lice in the classroom and give teachers some peace of mind when it comes to the health of their students.

The Califone 1534BK smaller-sized 3068 stereo headphones for young listeners is a great addition to any classroom and best of all, they are affordable for any school’s budget. At only $10.99 each and free ground shipping for orders over $49.99, you can provide your young students the equipment they need for a comfortable learning experience. To learn more about Califone’s products and find the right pair for your classrooms, contact us. We can help you pick the right equipment for school and within budget.