Missing the AVID AE-42? AVID’s AE-36 Headphones are Here to Stay

Missing the AVID AE-42? AVID’s AE-36 Headphones are Here to Stay

If you recently have been searching for new AVID AE-42 headphones to replace your old class set, you might have noticed that they seem to have disappeared. It’s sad but true—AVID’s AE-42 headphones model, a favorite in many classrooms, is no longer available for purchase. It's a bummer, we know. But don't worry! TheAVID AE-36 headsets are the perfect replacement and go-to choice for K-12 classrooms. They are packed with features that make them essential for testing, assessments and learning in any environment. Let's take a closer look at why the reliable award-winning AE-36 is the perfect choice for your classroom.

Durable Design for Daily Discovery

Classrooms are bustling places where learning tools like headphones need to withstand a lot of handling, use, and, unfortunately, sometimes abuse at the hands of young learners. AVID AE-36 headphones are built for just this reason. Understanding the rigors of use and features needed to succeed, are some reasons why they captured multiple awards from Tech & Learning. Plus, this durability means you can take the worry out of the equation and focus on what you love, which is teaching.

Clear Audio for Every Lesson

Whether it's a history podcast, a language learning app, or a science video, clear sound is crucial. The AE-36 delivers audio so crisp, it's like you're right there with the person speaking. A high-quality microphone is a critical component for two-way communication, testing and assessments. The rotating boom arm allows for perfect positioning to capture responses. This clarity is essential not just for understanding the material but also for keeping students engaged. No more "What did they say?" moments interrupting your lessons.

Comfort That Keeps Up with the School Day

We've all had those headphones that pinch or press too hard, and kids are notorious for getting squirmy when they’re uncomfortable. That’s why the AE-36s are a smart buy for your classroom. They're designed for comfort, with soft ear pads and an adjustable headband that fits just right. Students can wear them through a whole class or even all day without complaint. Happy ears mean happy learners!

Plug In and Learn—Anywhere

In today's classrooms, we use a variety of devices, from tablets to laptops, to help meet kids where they are in their educational journey. The AE-36 headphones come with a single plug TRRS connection, making them super versatile. No matter what tech you're using for your lesson, these headphones are ready to go. This plug-and-play compatibility removes barriers to learning, ensuring technology is an aid, not a distraction. The AE-36 headset is also available with USB and USB-C plug types. AVID’s AE-39 headset is the USB version of the AE-36.

Quality Meets Budget

We know schools aren't exactly rolling in money, and finding high-quality learning tools that don't break the bank is a priority.AVID AE-36 headphones strike that perfect balance of affordability and quality. They're an investment in your students' education that actually pays off, offering durability, sound clarity, and comfort without the hefty price tag.

The AE-36 in Action: Real Classroom Scenarios

For the Language Learner

Language learning is all about immersion, and the AE-36 headphones can transport students to another world. Whether they're practicing pronunciation with interactive software or listening to native speakers, these headphones make every lesson a rich audio experience. Plus, with clear sound, students can catch the nuances of the language, from tone to intonation.

In the Computer Lab

Computer labs are hubs of digital learning, where students interact with educational software, conduct research, and even code. The AE-36's plug-and-play design means students can dive right into their work without any setup hassles. And because they're so durable, they can withstand the high-traffic use of a busy lab.

For the Multimedia Project

Multimedia projects are a fantastic way for students to express their understanding and creativity. Whether they're editing a video, mixing a podcast, or presenting a slideshow with voiceover, the AE-36 headphones ensure they can hear every layer of their project with clarity. This precision is key to producing work they're proud to share.

For Quiet Time Learning

Sometimes students need to focus without the distraction of a noisy classroom. The AE-36 headphones can be a sanctuary, allowing students to concentrate on reading or solo activities. This quiet space is invaluable for helping students stay on task and absorb material at their own pace.

For Group Learning Sessions

Even in group settings, headphones can play a crucial role. Students working on a group project can listen to relevant materials without disturbing others. The AE-36 headphones make it easy for them to switch between listening together and working individually, facilitating both collaboration and independent learning.

Making the Switch: Seamless and Simple

Transitioning to the AE-36 headphones from the AE-42 or any other model is smoother than you might think. Their user-friendly design, coupled with their compatibility with various devices, ensures they fit right into any classroom setup. Plus, their durability means they'll be around for many school years to come, making them a wise choice for educators looking to make a long-term investment in their students' learning experience.

Your Next Steps

Ready to equip your classroom with the award-winningAVID AE-36 headphones? Here's how to make it happen:

  • Assess and Decide: Consider your current and future tech needs. Will the AE-36 headphones meet them? Chances are, they will.
  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, get a sample to test in your classroom. Maybe a fellow teacher who’s made the switch to the AE-36 can give you a test run. Seeing (and hearing) is believing, after all.
  • Plan for Integration: Think about how you'll introduce the new headphones to your students and integrate them into daily learning activities.
  • Educate Your Team: Make sure everyone who will use these headphones knows how to get the most out of them. A little training goes a long way.
Apr 01, 2024

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