NEWS: Encore Data Products Spotlights the NEW AE-35 USB-C Headphones and AE-36 USB-C Headsets from AVID Products

NEWS: Encore Data Products Spotlights the NEW AE-35 USB-C Headphones and AE-36 USB-C Headsets from AVID Products

Encore Data Products, an audio-visual equipment and technology accessories company based in Lafayette, CO, is inviting users to find out more about its USB-C headphones products from AVID Products, Inc., an innovative audio solutions company.

AVID Products has been creating audio solutions for various industries since 1953 and holds the distinction of creating the first pneumatic headphones for TWA flights in the 1960s. Today, its products enable customers to supercharge their digital learning with a range of solutions for digital assessment to telemedicine and casual listening. Designed with the lifelong learner in mind, the company’s products include headsets, headphones, earbuds, earphones, and other audio accessories.

Encore Data Products offers nearly 80 AVID products and multi-packs for purchase, including AVID’s range of 30-, 40-, 50- and 70-Series. The company also offers classroom packs that come in convenient storage cases, as well as bulk purchase options for buyers looking to outfit their entire organization with premium audio solutions.

Recently released, the AVID AE-36 USB-C headset delivers an enhanced audio experience in a modern, durable design with a USB-C connection. The compact and comfortable headset provides optimal fit and sound quality. It has a 6-foot cord making it a great choice for school headphones, distance learning headsets, and call centers.

The AE-36 USB-C also sports a noise-canceling microphone that allows for clear communication and the adjustable boom arm allows for perfect positioning. Designed with listeners of all ages in mind, the adjustable headband and mid-sized earcups of the AE-36 provide a good balance between coverage and fit. The permanent earpads are also designed to stay on the headset after multiple uses.

Additionally, the AVID AE-35 USB-C headphones have been specifically created with the school environment in mind and are already used by thousands of children around the country. The headphones come with the company’s signature braided Nylon cord for extra resistance to chewing.

The AE-35 USB-C delivers crisp audio quality for a modernized listening experience, has an adjustable headband that supports all head sizes, a padded headband for extra comfort, and soft ear cushions for a comfortable listening experience all day long. The AE-35 is the ideal device for non-microphone testing and assessment, providing a controlled and distraction-free environment that helps students perform at their best.

The spokesperson for Encore Data Products shares the benefits of the two USB-C devices from AVID Products by saying, “The AE-36 and AE-35 USB-C models are perfect for all kinds of audio listening needs in the classroom. With the USB-C connection, you can rest assured that it will be compatible with your most popular devices, including the latest iPads and tablets – now and whenever you choose to transition to USB-C in the future. You can find out more about these new USB-C plug products at our website.”

Encore Data Products supplies audio-visual products to a wide range of industries and settings including education, health and fitness, hospitality, business, and government. The store’s ever-expanding product selection from top brands, free shipping options, competitive pricing, and easy ordering empower organizations to maximize their investment and deliver an enriching experience to their employees, students, and members.

Readers can find out more about Encore Data Products by visiting their website or contacting the company at (866) 926-1669 for inquiries.


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Oct 10, 2023

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