Review: Califone 3068-AV Headphones

When it comes to preparing your classrooms, listening center, libraries, and more for your audio needs, it is important to consider the cost-effectiveness of the headphones you choose. To make the best purchase, questions to ask yourself include: how long will they last? what materials are the headphones made of? how flexible are they for various audio activities? will they hold up in my unique environment? These questions are key to finding the right headphones for all your listening needs, as well as the expected longevity of the headphones for your stock.

Fortunately, we also ask these same questions when reviewing headphones for our customers, and we couldn’t find a better, cost-effective options than the Califone 3068-AV Headphones. Not only is it a very durable model to withstand the comings and goings of a busy learning environment, but these headphones also have special features and accessories that with bring ease to various activities and applications.

One of the shining features of the Califone 3068-AV headphones is the switch for mono or stereo audio. This makes it perfect for school classrooms and listening centers that might be using various types of audio and video to instruct students. For example, mono sound is commonly used for listening lessons for language students, while stereo sound is used for games, music, films, and more. A language instructor and his or her students would benefit with this type of headphone, because it can be fitted to listen to listening drills, then switched for use when listening and watching foreign language movies. Using a switch instead of an internal processor, the headphones also solve any audio issues that tend to occur with mono-stereo headphones. With the dual plug sizes, the headphones can be plugged to multiple audio devices, from laptops to iPads and more. There will be no need to buy a second set of Califone headphones for various activities. This additional flexibility makes these headphones perfect for multiple applications, especially in a learning environment that requires quick changes in activities in one sitting.

In addition, the around-ear replaceable leatherette ear cups are made to reduce ambient noise from the listening environment, which is perfect for helping students and users to stay on-task without becoming distracted by their surroundings. The ear cups are made without extra circuitry or expense, which helps with simply reducing noise, and minimizing the need to adjust the volume at high levels, protecting the listener’s hearing. The headphones also have individual volume control, giving the user ultimate control over their listening experience.

As noted, the durability of this pair of headphones also make it a great listening tool for busy classrooms, where students might be coming in and out, and the headphones exchanging hands frequently. Made with ABS plastic, the headphones are easy to clean and sanitize, and can withstand being dropped as well. The adjustable and padded headband also gives even more comfort to the users, while maintaining a strong construction. For listening centers that have multiple users, having a pair of headphones that’s easy to clean and will hold over time is a must-have to ensuring the best deal for your dollar.

By ordering through Encore Data Products, you can get your Califone 3068-AV headphones in a 12-pack that comes in a foam-lined plastic carrying case for $169 (perfect for mobile centers and teachers), or 30-pack case for under $330, or buy custom numbers individually at $9 each. Whatever option you decide, the pricing makes them the perfect, cost-effective pair of headphones for classrooms, libraries, listening centers, and other institutions. For all its features, it is a valuable deal. To learn more about our products, contact us.