Students Stay More Engaged with High-Quality Headphones - What's the Difference?

Students Stay More Engaged with High-Quality Headphones - What's the Difference?

As the world recovers from the pandemic, the online learning environment has been crucial in helping students continue their education. Even though classrooms are starting to fill up again, there’s one accessory students have that can still enhance their learning experience: school testing headphones.

With the right pair of high-quality headphones, students stay more engaged with their coursework, studies, activities, and online lectures. In this article, we’ll first explain exactly what student engagement is and what it looks like. Then we’ll discuss how audio affects it and why headphones work to improve a student's overall engagement with the course and you can discover how they can make all the difference in a child’s education.

What is Student Engagement?

Simply put, student engagement is a measure of the amount of interest, effort, attention, and commitment students have towards their classwork and lectures. When students are more engaged with the coursework, the more they learn and succeed. They’re less likely to drop out of school and do better on standardized tests.

Inside the physical classroom, it’s easy to tell when you have the student’s attention. They aren’t talking amongst themselves. They’re making eye contact with you. They’re asking and answering questions. There are a ton of visual cues to clue you in that you have an engaged student.

However, it’s more difficult in a virtual environment. Students can easily pretend to be paying attention, but they’re actually browsing social media on their phones or watching Netflix in the background.

The teacher needs to be proactive in this instance. Here are a few tips and tricks teachers can use to keep students more engaged:

  • Ask students questions at random
  • Do a “thumbs up” or “raise your hand” check periodically
  • Make the lesson a conversation instead of a lecture
  • Rotate activities and lessons so break up the monotony
  • Ensure they have a good pair of headphones

What Role Does Audio Play in Student Engagement?

It plays a significant role– even the most robust, well-thought-out lesson plan fails if the student can’t hear or understand what is being said. If everything is heard clearly and loudly, then the student can not only retain the information better but they also engage with the lesson more.

And it’s not only the teacher’s microphone quality that matters. Where the student is studying is equally important too. It’s not always easy to completely isolate themselves in a noise-free environment.

The student could have siblings or pets. There could be noisy neighbors or construction going on outside. That’s where students having quality headphones with noise-cancellation is a must.

Here are some of the top headphones that come with everything a student needs to improve their virtual learning experience:

  • AVID Education AE-75 Deluxe: These headsets feature deluxe, plush padding designed for maximum comfort for extended use and enhanced noise reduction capabilities. Plus, they work with any device, so your student can be on their PC or tablet and listen in with ease. And there’s even a premium mic that cancels background noise so they can communicate without any issues.
  • ThinkWrite TW220 Ultra Durable Pro: ThinkWrite is famous for its innovative technology and design– and the TW220 doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with ergonomic soft contour ear cushions, world-class sound quality, and their signature “comfort first” design, the TW220 is an excellent selection for learning headsets.
  • Cyber Acoustics AC-5008: The AC-5008 are incredibly durable headsets, designed to stand up to the rigors of rowdiest classrooms. They have an adjustable headband, leatherette ear pads, and a noise-canceling mic. And with its USB connection, it works on a variety of devices– including PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks!
  • Hamilton Buhl Smart-Trek Deluxe Stereo Headset: The Smart-Trek Deluxe Headsets are perfect in many situations from call center work and gaming to, especially, remote learning. The premium leatherette ear pads come with top-of-the-line noise isolation. Where they really shine is durability– with its Dura-Cord™and steel mic, teachers and parents can trust these headsets will last for years.
  • Cyber Acoustics AC-5812: The AC-5812 is a fantastic pair of high-quality headsets that come with a host of features. They’re CTIA compatible and come with a USB controller that allows you to connect multiple devices such as tablets, PCs, Macs, smartphones, and more.

How Do Great Headphones Enhance Student Learning?

Let’s take a look at a few of the key ways high-quality headphones promote a better learning experience for students.

Reduce Student Fatigue

If the audio is poor and has bad quality, it makes it difficult for the student to understand what’s being said and engage with the lesson. Not only can it be frustrating for the child but also lead to high levels of physical and mental fatigue. With a dependable set of headphones, you’ll be crystal clear and the student will be fully immersed in the course.

Eliminate Distractions

As mentioned, sometimes noises and other distractions can’t be avoided. However, when students have over-the-ear headphones with noise isolation and cancellation, they’re able to cut those noises out and focus on their work.

Develop Student Critical Thinking Skills

Textbooks and boring presentations don’t hook the student in the same way as listening to the teacher's lecture. As the teacher speakers, the students can break down what they’re saying, how they are saying it, and absorb the knowledge more accurately which enhances their critical thinking skills.

Encourage Dialogue and Communication

Not only can the student listen to the teacher, but if they have headsets with a mic, then they can even interact and speak with the teacher. They can ask questions and even partner up with other students in the virtual classroom. This builds their confidence and works as an incentive to keep them engaged throughout the lesson so they can participate.

Now that you understand the benefits and importance of having a pair of high-quality headphones for your student, deciding which ones are the best fit should be a bit easier. See for yourself how the quality of your students’ learning retention is impacted by the quality of the headphones they use!

May 11, 2022

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