There Are Three Good Reasons to Have Califone Headphones, Do You Know Them?

When it comes right down to it, we know at least three good reasons to have Califone Headphones. If you don’t know those reasons, don’t worry; we’re about to share them. We feel that these features and benefits are just a portion of what Califone has to offer, but since we feel that they are the most important features, let’s focus on them so you have an idea of why these are the best.

Whether you’re an educator who is concerned about Common Core testing or working at an adult education center, these headphones have all of the features you expect with benefits you may not be aware of. Here are the three main benefits that aren’t always available with other brands.

  • Choices are Many: The great thing about Califone Headphones is that they allow you many choices. For instance, with the ability to choose monaural or stereo, the use is catered to whatever type of learning environment that the student is in. However, for non-native speaking adults, the monaural works best but for a music class, stereo is the only way to listen and really hear how enhanced the music is. These headphones feature a higher fidelity and this is ideal for all types of learning environments.
  • Durability: Unless the school is privately funded, expenditures typically have to be kept to a minimum, which brings us to why durability is so important. Califone Headphones are constructed out of ABS plastic, which is rugged and durable for years of use. What this means is that your initial investment goes much further. No one wants to put a lot of money into equipment only for it to fail in a short period of time. This increases downtime and raises expenses in the long run.

Many people are aware of the Califone 3068-AV headphones, but here are some other great Califone headphones that we offer:

  • Califone 1114BL-4 4-Position Listening First Listening Center. These are available in blue, yellow, and red and have benefits like silver plated contacts, which alleviates crackling noise. These also feature skid resistant pads so desks stay free from mars and scratches and they are PC and Apple compatible.
  • Califone 1532 Single Ear Multimedia Headset. This is a single ear headset, which is lightweight and has a wealth of features. An ambient reducing ear cup, widened head strap, and adjustable headband are just a sampling of the features.

What is even more good news is that Califone Headphones are available at a bulk headphones discount and shipping is always free in the lower 48 states with all orders over $49.99. If you want to learn more about how Califone Headphones are the right choice for your needs, simply contact us and we will answer all of your questions or concerns.