PARASYNC i30 Now Supports iPod Touch 6G

PARAT Solutions has released a revolutionary system to charge and synchronize up to 30 devices without cables. The PARASYNC i30 will simplify the use of iPods in education and museum applications and is compatible with most iPod and iPhone models and generations, including the iPod Touch 5G and 6G.

iPods are increasingly utilized in education, museum and tour industries. In education, teachers are using iPods to plan their lessons, deliver content via audio-books and administer quizzes. Museums and other tour destinations can use iPods to allow patrons to access self-guided tours and other exhibit content.

What to Expect

The PARASYNC i30 dock connects to a wall outlet for power and easily connects to your Mac with the supplied cable. Once connected and powered up, open iTunes or Apple Confiurator to choose the programming you want to sync to the devices. The dock features LED indicator lights to display that the devices are charging, syncing or fully charged.

Protection and Support

Rugged iPod Touch cases are included, so you don’t have to worry about finding a case that is compatible with the PARASYNC i30 dock. In fact, many third party cases will not work with the dock. The receiver in the dock is molded to support the iPods and provide easy docking and device support. The dock is software-neutral and work with a variety of mobile device management applications.

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