Califone 1216BKBT Bluetooth® 6 Position Jackbox

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If you want to stream audio from your Bluetooth® enabled smartphone, tablet or PC to facilitate di?erentiated learning, literacy, ELL or Special Needs instruction, Califones’s new 1216BKBT Bluetooth® Jackbox is ideal. The 1216BKBT is a simple, cost-e?ective solution that supports up to six students – or more if necessary with its daisy chaining capability. Plus, it’s easy to operate - simply scan for devices, look for Califone 1216BT and pair your device.


• Supports Bluetooth®4.0
• Connects up to six headphones, each 3.5mm jack with individual volume control
• Silver-plated contacts help prevent “crackling” sound heard with other jacboxes when headphones are connected
• Multi-function touch button controls Power on/o? and Pause/Play functions
• LED status indicators provide information for Power On/O?, battery charge, Bluetooth® and streaming functions
• 3.5mm jack to daisy chain another jackbox for added listeners
• Internal rechargeable battery supports up to 12-hour playtime
• USB charging port (Power adapter included)
• Line In 3.5mm analog input jack connects to various audio sources
• Rugged ABS plastic casing for durability and school safety
• Two predrilled holes to permanently a?x jackbox
• Ideal for di?erentiated learners, literacy groups, ELD/ELL Special Education applications, call center training and language labs
• This jackbox carries a one-year warranty and service support available through authorized dealers nationwide


  • Bluetooth®: 4.0
  • Listening positions: 6 x 3.5mm jacks
  • Contact points: Silver-plated for better connection and are moisture resistant to prevent corrosion
  • Volume control: Individual control on each position
  • Function control button: Multi-function touch button
  • Analog audio input: 3.5mm Line In jack
  • Daisy chain port: 3.5mm jack
  • LED Status indicators: Bluetooth®, power On/O?, battery charge, and streaming
  • Charging port Input: 5V DC
  • Power Rechargeable battery: 3.7V, 1000mA, 12 hours plus on a single charge
  • Power adapter: Input: 110V AC, Output: 5V DC
  • Housing: ABS plastic for durability and safety
  • Dimensions: 2” H X 5.1” L X 5.1” D
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Safety: Built for use with school headphones, in churches, business and government facilities
  • Warranty: For schools/business uses for 1 year from purchase date
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