What are Some Top Qualities of Award-Winning Headsets?

What are Some Top Qualities of Award-Winning Headsets?

Are you tired of students constantly struggling to hear clearly during online curriculum sessions, listening labs, computerized assessments,or getting lost in a sea of distracting classroom noise? It's time to upgrade your student headphones and experience the top-notch quality that award-winning headsets have to offer. Whether you're a technology specialist, teacher, or literacy coach, the right headset can make all the difference with your students. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top qualities that make these headsets stand out from the crowd.

Award-winning quality #1: Ambient noise reduction features

Ambient noise reduction

Ambient sound headphones will allow some noise to slip in, but not enough to distract you from the sound coming through your headphones. Although ambient sound mode feels like noise-cancellation, it offers more benefits than blocking out sounds.

For starters, you will hear surrounding noise distinctly, but headphones sound will seep into your ears with impressive clarity. Although ambient sound mode won’t drown out background noises like noise cancellation will, it enables students to hear things that require their attention such as “Time’s up” or other teacher instruction.

Award-winning quality #2: Comfort

When it comes to selecting a good quality headset, comfort is one of the key factors that cannot be overlooked. After all, if students are going to spend hours wearing a headset, it should feel comfortable on their heads and ears.

Award-winning quality

A comfortable headset should have adjustable headbands that allows students to customize the fit according to their head size and shape. With proper adjustments, they can ensure that the headset sits securely on their head without causing any discomfort or pressure points.

Additionally, cushioned ear cups are essential for long-term comfort. Soft padding not only provides a plush feeling against ears but also helps in reducing external noise distractions. Look for materials like soft leatherette and padded cushion that provide both comfort and durability.

Furthermore, lightweight design plays an important role in ensuring overall comfort. A heavy headset can cause strain on a student’s neck and lead to fatigue over time. Opting for a lightweight model will allow students to enjoy extended listening sessions without any discomfort.

Award-winning quality #3: Outstanding sound quality

When it comes to choosing a headset, one of the top qualities that you should look for is outstanding sound quality. After all, what's the point of investing in a headset if clear and immersive audio isn’t provided?

Outstanding sound quality

A good quality headset with exceptional sound reproduction allows students to fully experience online instruction, storytelling, and language literacy. Whether students are listening to a reading comprehension lesson or engaging in an intense eSports gaming session, every sound effect and word pronunciation should be crystal-clear.

The use of high-quality drivers is the key factor that contributes to outstanding sound quality in headsets. Drivers are responsible for converting electrical signals into audible sounds. Look for headsets that feature a driver size of 20mm or more. A larger driver produces stronger sound waves, but this doesn't mean they sound better – it could just be a larger headset..

While some headphones and headsets with excellent sound quality can be quite expensive, there are a broad range of more cost-effective options that can deliver exceptional sound without denting your wallet. It’s possible to get premium sound quality in a value-priced headset that’s uniquely made for the wear and tear of students and classrooms—all you have to do is shop around!

Award-winning quality #4: Durability

Nobody wants to spend money on a headset that breaks after a few months. That’s why a good quality classroom headset should be durable and built to last.

When investing in a classroom headset, it's essential to choose one that can withstand the wear and tear of student use. This is especially true for educators and librarians who might be purchasing headsets for communal, continuous use by many students or patrons per day. A durable headset is not only more cost-effective in the long run but also provides peace of mind knowing that it won't easily break or malfunction.

Award-winning quality #4: Durability

Durability starts with the construction materials used in the headset. High-quality headsets often incorporate sturdy materials like metal or reinforced plastic for added strength and durability. These materials can withstand accidental drops or rough handling without compromising performance.

In addition to robust construction, a good quality headset should have reinforced connectors and cables. Weak points in these areas are common culprits for headphone damage, so having reinforced materials and construction helps prevent fraying, bending, or snapping. Well-designed headsets will have proper strain relief at cable entry points and cushioning around vulnerable parts like hinges to minimize stress points and potential weak spots over time.

Choosing a durable headset ensures that you'll enjoy its performance for years to come without worrying about frequent replacements or repairs.

Award-winning quality #5: Awards!

There’s nothing more convincing than proof of concept—actually winning awards for award-winning qualities! Perhaps no one does this better than AVID Products. Their 20-, 30-, 50- and 70-series classroom headsets have won Awards of Excellence for Back-to-School and Remote Learning, as well as Best of Show at national edtech conferences from Tech & Learning, the edtech industry news authority. Additionally, several AVID headsets meet requirements for use with ELL/ESL programs (WIDA) and annual achievement testing (TELPAS), as well as have certified compliance with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and CA Prop 65. AVID’s award-winning headset lineup includes:

AVID Products AE-25

AVID Products AE-25     Tech Learning Show Award    Tech & Learning Show award

AVID Products AE-36

AVID Products AE-55             Tech & Learning Show award

AVID Products AE-55

AVID Products AE-75        Tech & Learning Show award      Tech & Learning Show award

AVID Products AE-75

AVID Products AE-75 school headphones          Tech & Learning Show award

The takeaway

When it comes to finding the perfect headset, there are several top qualities that make a headset award-winning. From ambient noise reduction and comfort to outstanding sound quality and durability, these features contribute to an exceptional audio experience. Whether you're using headsets for literacy, gaming, testing, or curriculum modules, investing in a high-quality headset is essential.

Investing in an award-winning headset can ultimately save you money in the long run by providing longevity and unparalleled performance. When shopping for headsets, be sure to look for these award-winning qualities.

Aug 28, 2023

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